MEG for Books Distribution

Middle East for Publishing and Distribution is committed to providing high quality educational services to all customers, fully supporting them in reaching their full potential in an ever-broadening market. We aim to cater to all domains of education, promoting educational advancement at the student, teacher, school, and community levels.

Brief on Distribution in Egypt, ELT and International

The company’s growth led to the creation of a department dedicated for international sales (British and American) in 2008, separate from ELT sales activities. In 2010 our ELT department signed an exclusivity agreement with growing Greek publisher Hillside Press, launching a separate department as well. In recent years Middle East Group has expanded with international publishers and opened accounts with 14 different publishers.


Accountability – We believe we have a responsibility to honor our commitments and promises.
Customer satisfaction – Our customer service is dedicated to supporting clients through all stages of business.
Corporation citizenship – As an educational entity it is our duty to approach all dealings with a code of ethics and social responsibility in mind.
Quality services – We hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence in all endeavors.


Middle East Publishing & Distribution aims to become the leading supplier of educational books and resources in Africa.


Middle East Publishing & Distribution believes that teachers are a school’s most valuable resource and an effective teacher needs the right tools to bring out the best in students. We are dedicated to providing teachers with quality resources, beginning with needs analyses and consultancy, and extending to follow-up and training on resource use.